Mixed Martial Arts

Staying healthy during a pandemic

Olympic Karate began has been offering a combination of in-person and Zoom classes, which have helped its athletes stay in shape and continue their karate journeys.

There is more to staying healthy than wearing your mask and social distancing. You also need to exercise and eat healthy foods and snacks. What kind of exercises can you do, though? You can go for a walk around the neighborhood, put on your favourite music and dance around the house, or you can find some exercise videos online. There are many good YouTube channels, for instance, that offer programs in calisthenics – body weight exercise combined with cardio exercises for a total body workout without needing any specialized equipment.

But who can find the time to do exercises? It can be a pretty daunting task, but you can try to throw them into your daily routine. Just wake up? Do a few pushups and squats. Waiting for your game to load? Spend some time in a plank position. Reading a book? Try reading with your back against the wall and pretend you are sitting in an invisible chair. Every journey starts with a single step, and it is never too late to start making more healthy choices.

Another good way to stay active is to enroll in an online activity like Karate. During a pandemic, you won’t be able to kick and punch targets, but you can spend time practicing basics such as katas. Katas are the martial arts equivalent of a dance routine (only without the music), and every movement is part of a scenario where you are defending yourself from imaginary attackers. The movements can become second nature, and you will be surprised when the situation arises that the shift from imaginary to real life can be pretty seamless if you practice hard.

Olympic Karate is offering limited in-person classes and unlimited Zoom classes. Find us on Facebook for more information and details.


Submitted by Olympic Karate Academy