Mixed Martial Arts

Creativity is the key

In addition to Zoom training, Family Karate has been finding other creative ways to keep its athletes training and honing their skills as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Practicing martial arts has been of great benefit to many youngsters during this time – for both their physical and mental health.

Over the past six months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the students at Family Karate have been figuring out creative and new ways to keep up with their training. The majority of our student body have slowly started to come back to reduced-size, distanced classes – as well as joining in via Zoom.

During class, our instructors are continuing to come up with fun and creative skills and drills for all students to enjoy class in the format that best suits their family’s schedule and comfort level. A few examples of our unique ways for training include:

  • Using household items as a substitute for karate tools (ie. broom for bo staff)
  • Using books or a child’s own toys as obstacles for footwork drills
  • Video tutorials on our website on all of our current material

At Family Karate, we continue to work with the London Middlesex Health Unit as part of our commitment to the community, our students, our instructors and their families. Mental health is as important as physical health for a child’s wellbeing and development. Giving students the opportunity to practice martial arts in a way that best fits their situation during these times aids in their social and physical development, bringing a bit of ‘normal’ back into their lives.


Submitted by Family Karate Centres