Mixed Martial Arts

Senseis and self defence

This spring and summer, Olympic Karate will offer a women’s self defence course, taught by its most experienced and knowledgeable instructors

Olympic Karate will be starting a new women’s self defence seminar course this spring and summer. The purpose of our program is to make women more aware of current strategies and maneuvers available for neutralizing aggressive or dangerous behaviours directed against them.

The instructors of our seminars will be our most experienced and knowledgeable master senseis. Seminars will be organized into four sessions – offered on Tuesday evenings at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 1:30pm. All able participants will also be eligible to participate in our cardio kickboxing class on Saturdays offered from 12:30pm to 1:30pm at no additional cost. The fee for this 4-class program is $20 total so that cost will not be a barrier for any woman interested.

Our first seminar will be led by Professor Mike Donovan, our senior instructor who has 48 years of experience as a self-defence instructor. Sessions number two and three will be directed by Master Tim McMillan and Master Stephen Donovan, both 5th degree black belts, while our final session will be run by Professor Mike Donovan again to conclude the self defence series.

All women who would like to enroll, please call 519-473-5444 or e-mail us at sensei@olympickarate.on.ca.


Submitted by Olympic Karate