Cheer talent through the years…

In 2005, PCG competed with the largest team ever on the mat (52 members!)

For over 20 years, the Power Cheer Gym has run Spring Tryouts, but 2020 has thrown us all a curve. As soon as we get the COVID-19 green light, like hundreds of other youth sport leagues and clubs, we will restart the engines by running drop-in sessions, tryouts and team assignments. All pertinent information for try-it/tryouts and open gym times at PCG will be posted on all social media platforms.

PCG coaches and athletes have stayed active with online training, team Zoom sessions, and all sorts of solo and family-focused activities. But we are sure looking forward to getting back to the mat. Twenty-two years of athletes, coaches and families generates thousands of pictures and memories, and the break has allowed us time to dip into the photo archives and pull up a few gems from our gym’s past …

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