Athletes are alone – but together

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, four CheerStrike teams traveled to Florida to compete at the UCA International Championships. All teams fared well, including the club’s Senior Level 4.2 team (Sovereignty) which earned CheerStrike’s first ever UCA Championship title!

Throughout this unprecedented time of uncertainty, the Royal Family has been working to stay connected and remember that even if we are alone, we are alone together. When the province forced all youth sport facilities closed, CheerStrike found ways to keep athletes connected to their coaches and teammates.

We knew that children would be suffering – not only with boredom, but because of the abrupt loss of connection, no chance to properly say goodbye, and no celebration to end an incredible year of competition. We wanted to help. While it is impossible to all be together at our gym, we have brought the training to everyone’s living rooms! Thanks to Zoom, we have been offering weekly team practices as well as daily virtual classes. These practices give our athletes something to look forward to every week, and they allow the coaches to check in with how their athletes are coping.

Before everything shut down, four CheerStrike teams travelled to Florida to compete at the UCA International Championships. Even under the stressful conditions of things changing daily, and the unknown of what was to come, Virtue, Legacy, Nobility and Sovereignty made the entire Royal Family proud with four incredible runs on the largest stage we’ve ever been on. In very competitive divisions, we had a fourth, third, second and first-place finish! A huge congratulations goes out to our Senior Level 4.2 team, Sovereignty, for bringing home our first ever UCA Championship title.

We don’t know when this will all be over and the gym can be full again, but we will be ready and we will be back, stronger than ever!


Submitted by CheerStrike