Passionate Performance Group

Dance Extreme’s Performance Group, which features both male and female dancers aged 7 to 13, is dedicated to bringing dance alive throughout London and the surrounding area

Dance Extreme hosts more than just dance training classes. In addition to our Competitive Dance Troupe, Dance Extreme is also host to Dance Extreme’s Performance Group. Now in its second year of existence, this group of eager youths meet once a week to rehearse and learn choreography provided to them by their Director.

The Performance Group is made up of young dancers between the ages of seven and 13 who not only love to dance but who are looking for additional performing opportunities. This group of dancers, both male and female, includes children who love to dance but are not involved in a competitive dance program. They work with a choreographer to learn pieces that allow them to share their love of the art of dance around their community.

Under the direction of Andrea Gittens, the team is dedicated to bringing dance alive throughout London and the surrounding area. As Miss Andrea says, she will be “choreographing dances to songs that are empowering and resonate with inclusion.” Her goal, she says, is to “make sure that [these] young performers can really connect to their audience” and, in turn, offer them a place to share their passion for dance.

Dance Extreme’s Performance Group is always looking for various events to perform at and welcomes invitations to perform at your next gala or other local charity or fundraising events or initiative. To learn more about this exciting program at Dance Extreme, please visit our website at

By Richelle Hirlehey