Keeping us connected

Dance Extreme has done a great job utilizing Zoom – both during shutdown re-opening – to continue to provide its dancers with high-quality instruction, while also ensuring parents and caregivers are able to enjoy watching their child perform and progress.

To think that only nine months ago, many of us had never used – let alone heard of – the Zoom platform. Now, we deeply value social networking platforms such as Zoom for the connection that they allow us during an ongoing global pandemic.

As the current climate continues to change, Dance Extreme knows that the right decision was made to install additional cameras and television screens in each of our six dance studios. Why, one might ask, would a studio go to this length? Rebecca Brettingham-Filice, Dance Extreme Owner/Artistic Director, learned very early on that the need to make dance classes available to her dancers was of the utmost importance. With the COVID-19 closure of the dance studio, Dance Extreme offered a compliment of daily dance classes via the Zoom platform – beginning back in April.

During the summer months, Dance Extreme moved its weekly themed dance camp showcase online via the Zoom platform so that parents and grandparents could enjoy their child’s dance performances at the end of their camp week. This was met with resoundingly positive feedback, as this allowed many parents to view their child’s performance without taking an early leave from work.

With the re-opening of Dance Extreme for its regular 2020-2021 dance season, the studio understands the need to follow all COVID protocols set by our local health unit. With the installation of the cameras and televisions, Dance Extreme dancers can safely attend classes when someone in their household is feeling unwell.

Additionally, in place of parents watching their child’s classes from the in-studio lobby cameras, parents and caregivers can now observe their children in dance class via virtual links to each class. For Dance Extreme members, Zoom provides a means of connection and allows us to continue to offer high-quality dance instruction and service to our Dance Extreme Family.


By Richelle Hirlehey for Dance Extreme