What’s happening at CTC?

CTC Obstacles, London’s first (and only) obstacle gym, held a recreational competition June 8 & 9, welcoming more than 70 NINJA Warrior competitors who displayed some impressive skills throughout the weekend.

They came, they competed, and they conquered. CTC Obstacles held its NINJA Warrior recreational competition on June 8 and 9, and the result was some exciting action – at all age groups – throughout the weekend. More than 70 competitors turned out, and medals were awarded for the top finishers.

For the first time, 5- and 6-year-olds competed at the facility, tackling a great course created just for them. Meanwhile, preteens (11-12), teens (13-15), young adults (16-17), pro (18-39) and masters (40+) all competed on the Saturday, and the kids (6-8) and mature kids (9-10) age groups competed on the Sunday.

“We had a great group come from Aspire Climbing that really pushed our course hard, coming away with a few medals! Many of our NINJA KIDS also received medals,” CTC Obstacles said in a recap post on Facebook. “We added a few ‘surprise’ obstacles that no one had tried before to keep it exciting! The first course was fun and fast and the second course was more challenging! Can’t wait for all the NINJAS to continue their journeys in training and come together again!”

Since the tournament, CTC Obstacles has already added new obstacles to the gym and to the parkour area. What’s coming up at the facility? Kids classes will be expanded in the fall. During these classes, participants use their own body weight, as well as battle ropes, sleds, sandbags, slam balls and more to build the strength and mobility needed to tackle the numerous ninja warrior obstacles at CTC. Stay tuned to the website ( for more information. Meanwhile, CTC Obstacles plans a competitive team in the near future, which will travel to some of the closer gyms that hold competitions.

CTC Obstacles offers a unique way for kids to be active and accomplish impressive sporting feats in the gym. Athletes who compete in team sports enjoy the facility, as it complements their other training. By hitting the CTC gym, these athletes increase their power, stamina, balance and core strength.

Meanwhile, individual competitors are particularly drawn to the NINJA Warrior and parkour lifestyle. Not a team sport kind of kid? CTC Obstacles might be exactly what you’re looking for. Have you been inspired by the show ‘American Ninja Warrior Junior’ (or the original American Ninja Warrior)? If so, and you live in London and area, CTC Obstacles is the place to train.

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