Aeros Fly High in Montreal

Oakridge Aeros Peewee MD Hockey Team Back row (left to right): Greg French, Rich De Grandpre, Steve Milne, Kirby Oudekerk Middle row: Luke MacMaster, Ben Ferguson, Brayden Thorne, Connor McLeod, Brady Milne, Bob French Front row: Peter Gallagher, Brady O’Halloran, Kaleb Oudekerk, Jack De Grandpre, Ben Hudson, Reid Palser, Kaeden Chortos, Spyros Lerikos Goalies: Naithan French, Isaac Taylor Special mention: Simon Sterling (not pictured)

Montreal‎ will‎ always‎ be‎ a‎ special‎ place‎ for‎ the‎ members of‎ the‎ 2019-2020 Oakridge‎ Aeros‎ Peewee‎ MD‎ hockey‎ team.‎ Coming‎ off‎ two‎ tournament‎ wins earlier in the season (in‎ Stratford in September and Cambridge in November), the boys‎ were‎ excited‎ to‎ head‎ to‎ Montreal‎ for‎ the‎ CAN/AM‎ tournament in mid-February – especially after working so hard off the ice‎ to‎ fundraise‎ for the trip (and, of course, working hard on the ice at practices).

The boys had‎ a‎ great‎ time‎ riding‎ the‎ bus‎ down‎ to Montreal and getting‎ hyped‎ for‎ the‎ tournament.‎ Their‎ first‎ game‎ was against‎ the‎ Laval‎ Dynamos,‎ and they came away with a convincing 5-0 win.‎ Next, it was Mimico Blue, and the Aeros won again. Six‎ of‎ the‎ Oakridge boys‎ participated‎ in‎ a‎ skills‎ competition,‎ winning‎ the‎ relay‎ and‎ placing‎ second in‎ the‎ shootout competition.‎

Meanwhile, the‎ third‎ game‎ continued‎ their‎ winning‎ streak‎, as the team beat‎ the‎ Princeton‎ Tigers‎ from‎ New‎ Jersey.‎ The Aeros’ undefeated‎ run‎ put‎ them‎ into‎ the‎ finals, where they faced off in a rematch against‎ Mimoco‎ Blue‎ from‎ Etobicoke – a‎ very‎ good‎ team.‎

The‎ final‎ was‎ full of‎ excitement, and‎ after‎ three‎ periods‎ the‎ score‎ was‎ tied‎ 2-2. It‎ took‎ three(!) overtime periods‎ to‎ decide‎ a‎ winner.‎ In that third extra frame, the Aeros‎ scored‎ with‎ 1:17‎ left to capture the winning trophy.‎ The‎ victory is‎ a‎ great‎ memory‎ for‎ all. So, too, was the Habs‎ game the players enjoyed, plus the experiences at some fabulous‎ restaurants‎ and‎ some‎ sightseeing!

Go Aeros go!

By Jen Gallagher and photo by Peter Gallagher