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Byron-NorWest Soccer – U7 Girls (Blue and Grey Teams) Back row (right to left): Matthew Stout (head coach, Blue Team), Ashley MacDonald, Reese Galbraith, Jessica Arthur, Harper Klassen, Whitney Stout, Luigi Sorbara (head coach, Grey Team) Middle row: Sophia Hardy, Leilah O'Neil, Sophie Mangold, Natalia Sorbara, Rachel Hallock Front row: Samantha Sproule, Rylan Diegel, Sierra McNicol, Abbie Spicer, Nina Bowen, Ella Anderson and Julia Weber Absent from Blue Team: Kayla Mitchell, Tia Power and Matt Mangold (assistant coach) Absent from Grey Team: Sofie Molnar and Steve Sproule (assistant coach)

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Byron-NorWest Soccer – U7 Girls (Blue and Grey Teams)

They’ve practiced together all season, and the young players on both the U7 Girls Blue and Grey Teams (within Byron-NorWest Soccer) have come to look forward to soccer each Monday and Wednesday. Not only that, but they come with a positive attitude and are eager to learn and work hard at improving their skills.

“The coaching staff has been focused on creating an environment in which the players can continue their development of basic skills and learn the importance of teamwork,” says Matthew Stout, the head coach of the Blue Team. “But most of all, the goal has been to have fun each and every week.”

In other words, it’s a love of soccer that Stout and Luigi Sorbara, the head coach of the Grey Team, have tried to instil in the youngsters. And they’ve done a good job. The girls have worked well together on the field, and many friendships have been established and fostered along the way.

The teams enjoyed a mid-season festival event, finishing with 1-0-1 records. In league play, the Grey and Blue teams played to an exciting 1-1 draw. At the time of this writing, both were eagerly anticipating the year-end Fun Fest.

And as for next year? The girls are looking forward to returning to the pitch for more soccer action!


Byron-NorWest Soccer – U7 Boys Royal Blue Team

It’s all about learning and fun for the U7 Boys Royal Blue Team, who play in the Byron-NorWest Soccer House League. The group of 6 and 7-year-old boys were plenty active this summer, improving their passing, receiving, dribbling and shooting.

“The team has really improved with passing and working together on the field throughout the course of the season,” says Kassandra Cherrey, who is in her first year coaching the team. “But most importantly, we’re about keeping it fun for the kids and showing them what teamwork and sportsmanship is all about.”

The team plays in northwest London at the Byron Sports Complex, and the players bring a wide range of strengths and skillsets to the pitch.

“Collectively, we’re a well-rounded team,” says Cherrey, whose son is a member of the Royal Blue Team. “They are driven and they’re excited to get out there and play the game.”


Contributions by Matthew Stout and Kassandra Cherrey