Williamson achieves milestone

Garrett Williamson has had a storied career with the London Lightning, and this season he became the franchise’s all-time leading scorer

Garrett Williamson has been a member of the London Lightning for four seasons. He was a key piece of their 2017 NBL-C Championship and has had his most successful season with the Bolts this past season.

Williamson battled through different injuries in seasons two and three with the Lightning, including a rather serious hamstring pull, and it looked like he might be leaving the hardwood for good after the 2017 Championship. But after a summer of recovery, Williamson re-signed with the Lightning in the fall of 2017. And the 2017-18 season marked his first full 40-game campaign with the Lightning.

The result? Williamson became the all-time leading scorer in Lightning history this year. At the end of the 2017-18 regular season, he had recorded 2,031 total points, and that number will continue to grow the deeper the Lightning advance in the playoffs (at the time of this writing, the NBL postseason was in full swing).

Williamson was born and raised in Philadelphia, but he holds dual-citizenship thanks to his mother, a Canadian, and thus he is classified as Canadian on the Lightning roster. This season, Williamson became the first Canadian player in NBL history to reach the 2,000 points milestone.

Not only is Williamson a great basketball player, but he is also a class act and one of the most professional players you can find. He is in the top three in almost every statistical category in Lightning career records for regular season play, and he sits in top spot in seven out of 10 playoff career categories.

It is safe to say that Garrett Williamson will go down as one of the best players in London Lightning history.

By Laura Vere and photos by London Camera Club