What is PTM?

At Norwest Soccer, players improve their skills using the Preferred Training Method (PTM). It’s another way to achieve the organization’s goal: for all players to have fun while enjoying community soccer.

NorWest Optimist Soccer has adopted Ontario Soccer’s Preferred Training Model (PTM) for our U7 through U12 players as the next step in Long-Term Player Development. PTM allows our players to participate in a progressive training program while mentoring grassroots coaches. Our practice fields are pre-set with Activity and Game stations, monitored by coaches and supervised by CSA-certified club staff. Kids rotate through Activity & Game stations, allowing the players to learn from different coaches while also allowing coaches to develop using Ontario Soccer-designed programming – while preserving community soccer.

Top 10 Perks of PTM:

  1. More touches on the ball
  2. More shots on goal
  3. More 1v1 attacking
  4. More 1v1 defending
  5. Ball is in play longer
  6. Easier to organize and coach
  7. Spatially, Physically & Cognitively stage appropriate
  8. Experience of both Tactical and Technical situations
  9. Constant transition from attacking to defending situations
  10. IT’S FUN!

NorWest Soccer PTM:

Our practices consist of Activities and Small-sided Games. Activities focus on the technical aspect of training, while Small-sided Games focus on tactical development. We use 4v4 and 5v5 Small-sided Games because players get more touches on the ball, get to experience more 1v1 situations, and get to score more goals.

Why PTM is important:

The Preferred Training Model breaks down the basics of soccer using kid-friendly activities. As noted by Ontario Soccer ‘Youth prefer to be stimulated instead of being instructed.’ So, that’s what we’re doing! Children are not miniature adults. PTM cuts out laps, lectures, and lineups and lets them learn through play. Our main goal is for players to have fun and enjoy community soccer.

By Megan Turres