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The Little Gym of London combines the teaching of physical skills, like gymnastics, with teaching little ones about their world and preparing them with life skills that will benefit them throughout their lives

At the Little Gym, our efforts have always been to teach more than just a physical skill, like gymnastics, or learning a sport or some dance steps. One way we do this is to divide our school-year or summer lesson plans into ‘learning units.’ Each learning unit is three to four weeks, and it focuses on a certain skill or sets of skills so that students get time to master the skill. The learning unit is also theme-based to make the learning fun for the students (and each theme is age-appropriate).

An example of a Learning Unit for our PReK-1 (3yrs old) gymnastics program is ‘Healthy Chores For You And Yours,’ (weeks 27-30 in our season). During these particular four weeks of our season, we are teaching springboard and vault usage, backwards rolls, and introducing tumbling skills on the balance beam. But in addition to those physical skills, we present activities and games which will help the students understand the responsibilities they have as an individual to keep their body, home and world healthy and clean. The first week of the Healthy Chores learning unit (week 27 in our season) is ‘Great Gobs of Jobs’ where we talk specifically about different types of jobs that people do to make the world a happy and healthy place to live.

This is just an example of one age group within one program. All other programs including Sport Skills, Dance and Parent-Child and Grade School are similarly organized and themed to promote cognitive and emotional learning in age-appropriate ways. Our lesson plans are constantly tweaked and updated to keep them fresh and optimized for learning for today’s child.

Our year is broken into a 40-week School-Year Season and a 9-week Summer Session, with breaks for Christmas, March Break and the week of Labour Day. We also offer full and half-day Summer Camps, a School-Readiness program, Awesome Birthday Bashes, and Parent Survival Nights.

The Little Gym opened in September 2005, and it is located in Sherwood Forest Mall in London Ontario. Check out our website at or our Facebook page at The Little Gym (London). We can be reached at 519-642-0660. Check out our reviews to see what everyone is saying about us (we don’t screen out negative reviews, so you will see them all!):

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