Unforgettable cheer success

Team Nobility has had a season to remember, as the CheerStrike Royals Junior level 3 team has placed first at numerous competitions while also enjoying fantastic team comradery and creating a lot of great memories along the way

One of our must successful teams this season at CheerStrike has been our Junior level 3 team, Nobility. Since January, they have not left a competition without a first-place finish. We are all so proud of their accomplishments. Coaches Kelly McNicoll and Alina Oliveira believe the team’s success comes from the athletes being determined and motivated and never giving excuses when put to the test.

“Their love and passion for the same sport is what makes them succeed,” said the coaches.

What does athlete Kate Robertson attribute the team’s success to? “It’s because our amazing coaches have guided us through the ups and downs and we have overcome challenges we never thought we could,” she said.

Athlete Cailey Miller, meanwhile, believes it’s about the team bond. “It is like being on a team with all your best friends,” she said.

Kelly Yang, who is new to the Royal family this season, said the following: “What I’ve enjoyed most about being on Nobility is that everyone is so hard working and so encouraging, and they have been so welcoming from the minute I walked into the gym.”

A team mom, Crystal Ansems, has been a Royal mom for six years.

“This sport demands a great deal of commitment, which causes athletes and families to form lasting bonds,” she said. “We are so proud to say we are CSR.”

Another mom, Josephine Prince, explains why she has loved this season: “There is so much talent on this team. All we want, as parents, is for our children to find their passion, and these athletes make us proud every time they hit the floor, whether it be at practice or a competition.”

Submitted by CheerStrike