2018 Tryouts will run from September 20th to 30th!

13U – 18U Boys and Girls
See Tryout Schedule at www.LVCFire.com for dates and locations.


OVA’s Tryout Window Policy
The 2018/2019 Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) season will mark the sixth season that the Tryout Window Policy has been in effect in Ontario. Our Club is a proponent of the policy and we strongly believe that athletes and their families should be evaluating the long-term benefits that each Club can offer their young athlete.


Athlete Selection
Athletes are assessed and selected based on the following criteria.

1. Long-term potential in line with Volleyball Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model
2. Physical Testing: Height, Reach, Movement (as measured by T-Test), Block Touch, Spike Touch, Hand/Eye Coordination, Reaction Time
3. Ball control skill, reading ability/volleyball-IQ


Athletes are selected by the team’s respective Head Coach and Assistant Coaches in coordination with the
LVC Technical Committee.