Trojans program in good hands (sponsored by Ross Trophies)

This year marks Clarke Road Secondary School’s 60th Anniversary, with celebrations happening the second week of May. Sports are a big part of the school, and there’s lots for the Trojans – both past and present – to celebrate.

Currently, Clarke Road rosters 15 different sports teams over three seasons (Fall, Winter & Spring), which sees more than 250 athletes compete and about two dozen teachers coach the various sports. Wrestling and boys basketball are typically sports that enjoy much success at Clarke Road, and boys soccer has been to the last two Ontario championship events. The girls rugby team, meanwhile, also went to provincials last year.

Rob Steller is the Athletic Director at Clarke Road SS, a role he’s served in since 2001 (he’s been teaching at the school since 1994), and he has dedicated his career to the school and its community.

“I really enjoy the chance to facilitate a broader high school experience for our students that goes well beyond the classroom,” says Steller. “And we have a lot of hard-working teacher coaches who sacrifice time with their own children to coach other people’s kids.”

Besides his full-time teaching duties, Steller oversees all aspects of sports team operations as Athletic Director, including overseeing all athletes and coaches. He manages the athletics budget and the sports facilities, schedules games and practices, attends sports advisory committee and WOSSA meetings, and serves as the liaison between the coordinator of athletics, school board administration, and parents and officials. In other words, his role keeps him very busy.

“People consider high school coaching volunteer work, but it’s really not,” Steller says. “For instance, during the fall when I’m coaching football, my wife and I pay for our three children to be in afterschool care. And I’m certainly not alone among my colleagues who do this.”

But it’s a calling, and Steller loves what he does. At the end of the day, he’s happy to continue providing Clarke Road Secondary students with a high-quality athletic program that will help them grow as athletes and as individuals.

Contributions from Rob Steller and photo by Krista Schnittker
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