Together in Heart

Dance Extreme members had a reunion of sorts with each other and their dance teachers during a ‘Drive-By’ Hawaiian Luau on June 13, where they spent some time together (while taking all safety precautions, of course) and lifted each other’s spirits.

We are now in our fourth month since the closure of Dance Extreme in March. Like all other businesses and arts-focused organizations, our physical studio has remained closed to our members and dancers. On June 13, though, our Faculty came together to host a ‘Drive-By’ Hawaiian Luau to bring our members together and provide our dancers with the chance to say hello to their Dance teachers and assistant teachers. Spending a sunny Saturday in the parking lot of our studio plaza sure was a wonderful way to lift the spirits of many of our dancers who have not seen their dance friends and teachers since March.

Our assistant teachers played a large role in welcoming members to our drive-by with homemade signs of encouragement and positivity. They handed out Hawaiian Lais, bubbles, and fun Dance Extreme trinkets.

“Some may look at this time as a detriment to their business, but Dance Extreme has come out stronger in the end by believing in the importance of the social connection that dance brings to all of us,” said Dance Extreme’s Assistant Director, Richelle Hirlehey. “By thinking outside the box, Dance Extreme has been able to provide its dancers and families with a new kind of dance experience, through online Zoom dance classes, weekly Facebook live family fun events, virtual team meetings, parking lot performances, and our Drive-By Luau.”

We would like to thank all of the families who joined us at our Luau!

Beginning July and through into August, Dance Extreme will be running our Summer Dance Camps (Virtually!) For more information about our exciting summer programs, please visit our website at www.danceextreme.com.


By Richelle Hirlehey for Dance Extreme