To all Eager Beaver families…

Flashback photo!

I hope everyone is doing well. I just want to assure you that Eager Beaver Baseball Association has put plans in place for the 2020 season!
Unfortunately, with the closure of schools due to the coronavirus outbreak, our preseason clinics were canceled. Our usual seasonal start in May for evaluations and practices are also most likely to be delayed. However, with what is happening in the world [with the COVID-19 pandemic], we are prepared to make changes in the schedule to accommodate the upcoming season.

We will have to wait to see what the City of London says in the upcoming weeks to know what these changes will be so that we can then announce them to you. Please know at this point that I am in constant contact with the City and other organizations to ensure that we are all in communication about the upcoming season.

EBBA has been an organization since 1955. We have been through some tough times before – including a baseball strike. We know that these are tough times that affect everyone. I want to assure you that EBBA is in a sound financial position to honour all refunds – or credit registrations for next season if we are unable to play this year. Late registration fees will be waived this season.

Our program represents the efforts by the current and past directors of EBBA to ensure that all boys and girls have the opportunity to play baseball in a safe organization. Each EBBA elected director has put timeless efforts into ensuring the love of the sport is reflected in EBBA. Rest assured that the current directors are planning for our 66th season this year! This includes the continuing slow but rewarding process of turning Mornington Park into our field of dreams.

The directors involved are volunteers – some with children that play, but most without. Frank Colman Jr., the son of Frank Colman, who founded our association, once told me that it doesn’t matter who throws the first pitch as long as it’s thrown.

I have been involved with EBBA for over 40 years, and EBBA has had an incredible impact on my whole life and continues to. I hope more of you decide to join in helping with this incredible organization. I am sure that soon we will hear the call of the umpires, “LET’S PLAY BALL.” To my EBBA family, I wish you all to be safe and send all my love.

President of EBBA,
Rick Peters

For updated information, visit ebba.ca or email info@ebba.ca.


Submitted by Eager Beaver Baseball Association