Tips for running season!

With the weather warmer now, outdoor running is becoming a more common alternative to maintaining physical activity for many individuals and fitness enthusiasts. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to have a productive running season:

1. Define your running goals
Whether you are trying to achieve a faster mile, or beat your marathon time from last year, or you’re simply trying to become more physically active, your goals will determine how you should approach running season. Ask yourself why you want to run and how you want to get better as a runner.

2. Practice a balanced training program
Spread your weekly running volume between easy, shorter runs and longer runs. Make strength training a part of your program, as this will improve your overall running economy and prevent injuries over your running season.

3. Avoid training errors
Training errors include adding too much mileage too fast and too soon. Start your running program with more short or easy runs to gradually build up your conditioning. Adding 1 km per week is an acceptable rate for most runners. Another error is not incorporating core and general strength training into your program. You must get stronger to run better. Lastly, runners who do not warm up properly are more prone to injury.

4. Be realistic when faced with an injury
Take a step back if you become injured. Seek medical advice regarding rest or modification to your training program. Your physiotherapist or athletic trainer can address any strength or mobility issues that may have caused the injury. Running with an injury is not usually recommended, especially when it alters your normal running pattern.

5. Make appropriate lifestyle changes
Dedicate daily habits to improving your wellness. This will make your training program more effective in the long run. In addition to being well-hydrated, nutrition is important for fueling a runner’s body. Lastly, sufficient and restful sleep is important for recovery. Practice self care that helps reduce stress and brings joy to your life.

Physiotherapy is a great resource for both competitive and recreational runners. Your physiotherapist can help you achieve your running goals safely, maintain your wellness, and manage any injuries that may arise. Contact us at Neurochangers today for an assessment! 519-204-0200 or

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