Time to ‘Play Ball!’


Plans are well underway in preparation for the London Mens Baseball League’s 26th consecutive season in 2018.  The LMBL is getting ready to field 14 teams again this summer – showing amazing growth since its inception in 1992 as a 4-team league. Much of this success can be attributed to the tireless efforts of the volunteer Executive and Team Managers, who take on the responsibility of operating this not-for-profit organization.

While keeping in mind the vision of its original founders, ‘to provide an opportunity for men to enjoy recreational baseball in an environment where goodwill dominates competitiveness,’ recent growth has led to several challenges.

For instance, Dale Crannie, President of the LMBL, had this to say: “What started as a ‘Sunday night’ league has morphed into a ‘Sunday any time’ league simply due to logistics. Finding diamond time for two or four games on a Sunday evening in the London area was fairly easy to accommodate, but increase that to seven games each Sunday and you have a more daunting task. Additional rainouts and an increasing demand for diamond time from minor baseball has also led to more planning on an ongoing basis.”

But it seems to work out – and league participants are always excited to lace up their cleats and step onto the field at Labatt Park each spring (the world’s oldest continually used baseball grounds!). The league also makes a traditional stop at the St. Mary’s Hall of Fame diamonds each Fathers Day for a day of games, giving families the opportunity to visit the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame while in town, or simply have a BBQ and go for a swim in the quarry.

As the saying goes, “There’s only one thing to do when it’s not baseball sea- son, and that’s to prepare for baseball season!” If that’s the case, the LMBL is doing things right!

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The London Mens Baseball League is an ‘over 30’ mens league based in London, Ontario (baseball, not softball or slo-pitch!). We play most games on Sundays, from May to September, at locations including Labatt Park, Dan Pulham Field, Byron, and Dorchester. Our league ranges in age from 30 to 80

Submitted by London Mens Baseball League