Mixed Martial Arts

Thriving on the dojo

Family Karate competitive athletes in action (Clockwise from top right): Nicole Keeri-Szanto, Jake Lindsay, Alyssa Dumont, Antonio DiCesare

The Family Karate Competition Team has been busy in recent months, training and competing in various events as the athletes continue to grow and excel – individually and as teammates.

In early March at the Ilderton tournament, Family Karate team members earned numerous top 4 finishes on the dojo. Colin and Nel led the way with first-place finishes in both kata and sparring. Meanwhile, Ashley also placed first at the event in sparring. Other results included: Iain – 4th kata, 2nd sparring; Jack C. – 3rd sparring; Jack S – 2nd weapons, 3rd sparring, 3rd kata; Brody – 4th kata, 3rd sparring; Nathan – 4th weapons; Blake – 2nd weapons, 2nd sparring; Maiev – 3rd sparring; Antonio – 4th kata, 1st sparring; Kai – 3rd kata and sparring; Fahad – 3rd kata; Jess – 2nd kata, 2nd weapons, 2nd sparring; Simon – 4th katas, 4th weapons – 2nd sparring; Kathryn – 3rd kata; Addison – 3rd weapons, 3ed sparring, 2nd kata; Natalie – 2nd kata; Caleb – 3ed sparring; and Declan – 4th sparring.

Meanwhile, the Competition Team also enjoyed a strong showing at the WKC Regional Competition, led by Jake who earned three first-place finishes (traditional kata, hard kata and sparring). Nathan was 1st in sparring, while Athena was 1st in sparring, 2nd in classical kata, and 3rd in hard kata. Nicole H. and Nicole K. each placed 2nd in sparring in their respective divisions. Congratulations to all competitors! The team is now training hard for the WKC Nationals this fall.

At Family Karate, martial artists have the opportunity to learn and compete as part of an award-winning program (since 1993) with highly-experienced and talented coaches who always have their athletes’ best interests in mind. The Family Karate Competition Team believes in helping to grow and shape children as martial artists – and as individuals – by teaching and fostering skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Submitted by Family Karate