They’re BACK – and full of cheer

After a lengthy hiatus from in-person activities, due to COVID-19, the CheerStrike Royals enthusiastically returned in June and carried out a successful – and safe – summer of cheer. Season 8 for the Royals will feature the largest cheer program in London!

CheerStrike Royals Inc. is back in business and thriving!

After closing throughout the forced shutdown of all non-essential businesses in Ontario, due to COVID-19, we were excited to open back up and get back to the business of cheer. We opened our doors in June and were unsure what cheer at CSR would look like for Season 8. But after running our team placements, we are thrilled to report that we are back stronger than ever!

We want to thank our Royal Family for trusting us with the health and safety of their children and for following all the COVID protocols that have allowed us to re-open. We’ve successfully run cheer and tumble summer day camps all summer long, and we started Season 8 team practices mid-July. For Season 8, we will be running the largest cheer program in London, with 19 competitive teams for athletes of all ages – we are offering three teams for kids ages 3-6, three teams for kids aged 7-8, six teams for kids aged 9-12, six teams for teens aged 13-17 and one team for teens aged 18-19.

Seeing the gym full again (with social distancing requirements being followed) makes us feel fortunate, and we are anticipating many accomplishments for the Royal Family this season. The future is unknown, and there are still many unanswered questions about what the season will look like, but for now we know that our teams are full, our athletes are progressing, new friendships are being made, and bonds between coaches and athletes are being formed. All these things are helping children recover from a time of isolation, and a lack of activity and social connections.


Submitted by CheerStrike