The passion lives on in LMBL

LMBL 2013 Champions: ‘Under the Volcano’ Longhorns

Story and photo submitted by LMBL

The London Men’s Baseball League is a local association within the LDBA, and is comprised of 150 men ages 30+ who reside in London and the surrounding area who still have the passion and drive to play baseball — albeit a little less effectively than we once did!

The league is comprised of 10 teams, and we play an 18-game schedule. We play every Sunday from May to October at locations including Labatt Park and Dan Pulham Memorial Field in London, along with one game per season at the Baseball Hall of Fame diamond in St Marys.

As stated in our constitution, the league’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for men to enjoy recreational baseball in an environment where goodwill dominates competitiveness.

The league is open to all men 30+ who are interested in rekindling their desire to strap on the cleats and pull out the old pine tar-laden maple twig from their ball bag once again. Be forewarned, though, running from first to third on a single is no longer as easy as it seemed in our youth. In fact, there has been thought given to making oxygen tanks a required tool for the third base coaches!

Individuals interested in registering for the upcoming season are encouraged to visit our website at for more details and registration information. The deadline for registrations is April 1, but we will accept applications for our spare list after that date. New players are allocated to our current rosters via a drafting process in order to foster the creation of more balanced teams within the league.

If you have any further questions, please reach to our registrar at