The best youth golf experience

The 2019 golf season has arrived, and our junior golf programs are in full swing! Juniors in the London and surrounding area are filling up two programs provided by the London Junior Golf Development Centre for the golf season. They include …

Learn to Golf

The Learn to Golf program is an innovative program that allows young players to learn the game in a safe and fun environment. The early stage of this program focuses on the fundamentals (developing physical literacy and an introduction to golf-specific skills). As the program progresses, players have the opportunity to learn and master the fine motor skills in combination with other skills (ie. balance and swinging the club at the same time). Juniors can participate for the entire season or for the months that fit into their schedule.

Junior Golf League

This junior league provides an experience that involves ‘game-like’ situations in practice along with on-course play. The first introduction to the game of golf for most kids involves either a golf clinic at a range or going to the driving range. And although it may be fun to whack balls as hard as you can into a big field, this first experience with golf has very little to do with the game itself. Our junior league allows youngsters to experience the ups and downs of the game in the company of other children (typically friends) under the supervision of an experienced coach.

How do I register my child or find out more information?

The London Junior Golf Development Centre welcomes you and your family, regardless of experience or equipment, to start golfing this season. For more information or to register, visit us at www.londonjuniorgolf.com.


Submitted by City of London Municipal Golf