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The benefits of FMS Screening

The reigning CPBL 16U champion Great Lake Canadians team, pictured here with Merissa Clowater, Jamie Easter, Dr. Nicole Thornicroft, Dr. Jordan Kersten, Dr. Joseph (Chiropractors).

Before the baseball season got into full swing, the Great Lake Canadians 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U teams completed their annual Functional Movement Screening (FMS) with Pro Function Sports Injury Clinic at the Centrefield Sports Complex. Seventy-five athletes completed the series of seven movement tests, which are designed to help identify potential areas of injury – as well as areas of weakness/limited mobility.

What does FMS consist of?
The FMS Screen consists of a series of tests which assess mobility and stability through seven different movements. These movements give the practitioner a good idea of how an athlete is moving overall and may also reveal particular areas of concern, such as reduced range of motion or muscle weakness. If areas of concern are identified, the practitioner can then address them by providing exercises to help correct the faulty movement.

How is the FMS data put to use?
The information gathered during an FMS Screen can be used by coaches, trainers, and clinicians to help athletes maximize their performance during on-season practice and play. By identifying areas of weakness or reduced mobility, an athlete has the information they need to proactively work on improving potential areas of injury or areas of weakness rather than working reactively if an injury occurs. With yearly testing, Pro Function can also track an athlete’s progress over time.

If you would like to up your game and address areas of weakness or limited mobility, contact Pro Function today to see if we can help you maximize your performance!

Submitted by Pro Function Sports Injury Clinic