Teamwork makes the dream work

When you have a team full of superstars, how do you manage them? With so much talent all on one team, success is almost expected. But winning any team sport doesn’t come without the players buying in to the team-first mentality, and that is exactly what the London Lightning’s head coach, Kyle Julius, has preached all season – ball movement, taking good shots, sharing the ball. This team knows that no matter how talented they are individually, they need each other to reach the next level.

The Lightning have displayed this team-first mentality all season as they’ve broken not only team records but multiple individual records as well. And they celebrate each other when these accomplishments happen. These Lightning players refer to each other as brothers. They support each other and maintain a ‘next man up’ mentality, knowing that any one of them could have a breakout performance during any game.

Whether it is support and assists on the court, cheering and celebrating from the bench, or bonding and providing personal support outside the gym, the 2016-17 London Lightning players have made an impact on one another. And when you find 12 players who are all accepting of their roles, are willing to work hard, and celebrate one another, it makes going to the gym that much easier and the successes that much sweeter. Some of the records this team has broken and other noteworthy accomplishments they’ve achieved include:

  • New league record, consecutive wins: 14.
  • New league record, most 3-Pointers made as a team in a game: 24 (24-for-55, 53%).
  • New league record, most 3-Pointers made and attempted by a player in a single game: Ryan Anderson, 13 made, 27 attempted (a 48.1% mark from behind the arc).
  • New franchise record, assists in a game: Doug Herring Jr., 19 assists.
  • New league record, career triple doubles: Royce White.
  • New franchise record, points in a game: Kyle Johnson, 51 points (four points shy of breaking the league record of 55).
  • Coach of the Month, back to back months: Kyle Julius, February and March.
  • Player of the Week recognitions: Royce White (twice), Julian Boyd, Kyle Johnson, Doug Herring Jr., Ryan Anderson.
  • Leading the league in total assists and assists per game (proof that this team moves the ball and plays as a team).


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Submitted by the London Lightning