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The London Pickleball Club hosted the third annual ALS Pickleball Tournament this past fall, raising more than $9,000 while having a lot of fun in the process. The tournament is all about celebrating and supporting Judy Alaszkiewicz, the inspiring club member who not only battles ALS, but does it while continuing to be a fantastic pickleball player.

“We hold her in such high esteem,” the London Pickleball Club’s convenor says. “Judy is a fantastic player with a very positive attitude. And she’s still carrying [playing pickleball] and has not allowed the disease to cripple her.”

In other words, her fellow members say, Alaszkiewicz is a real-life superhero. And that’s why they’ve been running the ALS Pickleball Tournament – with a superhero theme – for the last three years. This year’s event welcomed 64 competitors and 10 volunteers to help out during the day, which included not only top-notch pickleball action, but also a great lunch, a silent auction, and fundraising draws. With the help of donations from several local businesses, the group is able to raise a good amount of money that goes toward ALS research.

This year’s draw included various superhero teams, including Team Batman and Team Superman, as well as The Hulk Team and the Spiderman Team. The event was held Sept. 30 at the Dorchester Flight Executive Centre.


About the London Pickleball Club

The London Pickleball Club (www.londonpickleball.ca) was formed to provide more advanced play and skill-building for those wanting to play in tournaments. In order to be considered for membership, players need to be at a competitive level and need to be approved by the club executive. Members volunteer their time and energy in the running of the club. A requirement of membership is that all members volunteer in some aspect. The Club currently holds two tournaments per year.

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