Street basketball is back!

GOT GAME Sports, a local sports event management company, will host the first-ever GOT GAME Street Basketball Tournament this spring (May 25-26, 2019) at Victoria Park, building off its success last year with its highly-successful inaugural Street Hockey Tournament.

They revived a popular street hockey tradition by launching the first GOT GAME Street Hockey Tournament last year, and now they’re doing the same for basketball. And the very first GOT GAME Street Basketball Tournament is coming very soon – this spring, on May 25-26, 2019 at Victoria Park.

It’s been many years since London and area streetballers have had a tournament to play in, since the old Gus Macker tournament pulled out of the city more than a decade ago. But basketball is now back – and in a big way. Following in the footsteps of their highly-successful debut GOT GAME Street Hockey Tournament last spring, the sports event management company is reviving another tournament tradition.

“There is great demand for street basketball in the city and beyond,” says Greg Matthison, the captain at GOT GAME Sports. “It’s basketball in its purest form: outdoors, battling for loose balls, and playing with friends – and with big crowds watching the action. It’s been a long time since Londoners have had a big basketball tournament in our backyard, so we’re excited to bring ballers an event that they deserve.”

Whether it’s the hometown London Lightning and their championship-calibre play year in and year out, or the Toronto Raptors, Canada’s team, who have been legitimate contenders in recent years in the NBA, the interest in basketball has increased in the Forest City, and more youngsters are picking up the game (while older players are returning to the sport).

The GOT GAME Street Basketball Tournament will feature hundreds of teams and thousands of players and fans the weekend of May 25-26, when Victoria Park – and the surrounding streets – will be taken over by basketball action. All ages – young, old and in-between – are expected to attend the tournament, and there will be recreational and competitive divisions.

“There will be something for everyone,” Matthison says. “We have been planning this for a few years, and we’re excited to bring this type of an event back to the community.”

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By the SportsXpress team