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Sport and diversity at the barbershop

He’s had a passion for sports his whole life, and Kwami Lambert continues to be highly involved in the sports community. A basketball and soccer player himself (since childhood), he now has two sons, Dominek and Donovan, who play those same sports, as well as football with the LMFA (Dominek for the Rams Atom team, and Donovan for the Tyke Red storm squad).

Through his barbershop business, United Kutz, Kwami is also a proud supporter of local sports, including sponsoring teams like a Southwest girls soccer team, a Ramblers boys basketball team, and a London Junior Knights hockey team.

Well before opening his first United Kutz location in 2007, across from the Covent Garden Market, Lambert was cutting his friends’ hair as a student at Banting Secondary School. While at Fanshawe College, during a game of one-on-one basketball with a friend one day, a wager was put on the line. He lost, and the agreement was that he would go get some real training to become a barber.

Today, United Kutz is one of the busier barbershops in London. It’s also a fantastic barbershop for a sports fan to get a haircut (maybe before the big game?). After all, the original shop location is right nearby Budweiser Gardens, where London Knights hockey and London Lightning basketball action takes place from the fall through the spring.

But besides the sports ambiance (and the sports banter), United Kutz offers something else special: diversity. It’s something Lambert takes pride in – being an inclusive barbershop where everyone is welcome.

“One of my personally motivated business goals is to use United Kutz as a welcoming, unified barbershop to bring all types of people of the community together,” says Lambert, “with quality haircuts, sports, and good conversation surrounded by a positive environment – all helping to create a positive and united community.”

United Kutz was even recognized by the City of London, a few years ago, for what the barbershop brings to the community.

Soccer and basketball are international sports, and United Kutz is proud to be an ‘international’ barbershop in London, where all cultures and people are welcome to get a good haircut and enjoy some friendly company in a fun environment.


Contributions by Kwami Lambert