Football Health & Fitness

Safety a top priority for LMFA

Player safety is a major focus for LMFA, and the organization spends thousands of dollars on equipment, including the brand new Guardian Caps, which will be used this season and help reduce the impact on the head

The benefits of playing team sports like football are many – including physical fitness, developing teamwork, building self-esteem, discipline, and promoting healthy competition. The London Minor Football Association (LMFA) is committed to providing these healthy benefits of sport in as safe an environment as possible. We do this by investing in equipment, implementing rule changes, and continuing coaching education.

Every year, the LMFA invests thousands of dollars in new equipment – which is included to all players as part of their registration. This year, we are looking to add Guardian Caps, which are brand new helmet caps just introduced in the United States. LMFA will be among the first football leagues in Canada to use these new helmet covers, which can help reduce impact on the head.

Recently, Pop Warner in the U.S. introduced modified rules for their 10 and under age group. LMFA introduced very similar rules to our tyke age group more than 10 years ago. And in 2017, we are adding new rules to our atom and peewee age groups for kickoffs and extra points to make those plays safer.

Our head coaches are certified in Safe Contact by Football Canada, and all of our coaches complete an online course in concussion education before taking the field. Contact in practice is now limited, by rule, and we provide trained medics at all games.

The LMFA will continue to work hard to keep football as safe as we possibly can for our young players so that they will grow up as football fans for life.

For more information on the 2017 fall season, please visit or call 519-852-4465.

Submitted by London Minor Football Association