Rugby FAQ

We know you’ve got questions about rugby, so we’ve put together a little guide to help you out …

Q: Do you have to have experience?
A: No way! We love having new players out. We start with the basics and work from there.

Q: Can both boys and girls play?
A: Sure can, we have teams for both boys and girls, men and women.

Q: How old do you have to be to play?
A: If you’re between 6 and 80 years old and can pass a ball, we’ve got a team you can play on. Kids start with minis, move to juniors, then senior teams, and finish their playing careers on the ‘old boys’ team (open to both men and women).

Q: Do you have to be ‘huge’ to play?
A: No. That’s one of the great things about rugby; there’s a spot for everyone on the pitch. Each position requires different strengths and abilities, so there’s a need for different sizes and body types.

Q: Am I going to get hurt?
A: Yes and no… this is where we differentiate between being hurt and being injured. Rugby tends to have fewer injuries than other sports due to the time spent learning proper tackling, scrumming and contact techniques. Will you get a few bruises? Yes, but that’s part of the fun, I promise!

Q: How many players are on the field at once?

A: Fifteen is the standard number, however there’s a faster paced version called Seven’s, where there are only 7 players a side.

Q: Do I need to have any special skills to play?
A: Not especially. Passing and tackling are all taught at practice, so just a willingness to learn is required!

If you have any other questions, just shoot us a line ( Or better yet, come out and watch a game!

Story submitted by St. George’s Rugby