Reclaiming the title

[templatic_contentbox type=”normal” title=”FC 300 (adult coed soccer team)”] Top row (left to right): Ruben DeMelo, Mia Theocharis, Leah Stajfer, Rachel Dunbar, Rick Elias, Shannon Sarazen, Vicky Trifon Bottom row: Steve Karaouzas, Gus Baziotis, Demetri Petrou, Kirk Nikides, Yianni Kourtesis, Andrew Michailidis [/templatic_contentbox]

They’re ‘FC 300,’ a coed adult soccer team made up of 13 teammates who are friends both on and off the field. The team has been in existence for six years, and though there’s been some player turnover during that time, the squad has maintained an amazing core and a camaraderie that makes for a lot of fun.

And they’ve certainly enjoyed success on the pitch. Previous winners of the coed division 3 league championship, FC 300 is hoping to reclaim the title this season. And they’ll attempt to do so with the Bennett Auto name on their uniforms. Thanks to Ruben DeMelo’s long-time employment with the company, which rents vehicles and has an impressive fleet of buses, vans and more, Bennett Auto is a proud sponsor of the team.

“With Bennett sponsoring us, it gives us the motivation to do well for a good company,” said DeMelo. “I’ve worked there for 13 years, which definitely shows that I enjoy the people there. I’m happy to be part of the company, and part of this talented team.”

The team strengths for FC 300, which is managed by Gus Baziotis, are its communication as well as its experience and flat-out talent on the pitch. Besides winning another league championship this season, the team’s goals are to remain good teammates and strong friends.

“All these guys and girls are great individuals to be around,” Demelo said. “Hence why we continue to play together. And we’d like to keep playing together for a long time.”

Contributions by Ruben DeMelo and photo by Elizabeth DeMelo