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Off-season pain for in-season gain

Alice, Maya, Sarah and Jade after completing the RPG - High Performance Program

The quality of your season, measured by skills and abilities, is a result of the quality and quantity of your off-season training. What you do during the offseason is key to your success when back in the game. If you are a single sport athlete, your training is referred to as linear periodization. You train during the off-season and play during the in-season. You train for strength and speed while gradually increasing to reach your peak during the competition phase.

But, what if you are a multi-sport athlete, or one with an extended season with sports happening year-round? It is not so black and white. You are required to be performance-ready at any time – but must still prevent burnout. Adopting a non-linear undulating periodization model is best. Say what? Essentially, each session, week and phase are slightly different, allowing you to focus on one variable (volume, technique or intensity) while secondarily training the others at the same time. This ensures that the nervous system and muscle structures are in a ‘game-ready’ state at essentially any point of the season.

It is wise to consider your sport and your season to ensure that you are playing and feeling your best when it matters. For more information on how to approach your training for maximum gains, reach out to us online at www.rpgtrainingsystems.com.

Submitted by Coach Rory Kosonic, Owner, RPG Training Systems