Mixed Martial Arts

Obstacles present opportunities

Family Karate athletes have been busy training hard. The organization teaches that obstacles present opportunities for growth, learning and perseverance

Recently, legislation in Ontario related to Sport Karate competitions have taken effect. These new rules are changing the landscape of karate competition in Ontario, and coaches, parents and competitors alike are all learning to navigate uncharted waters. In the long run, these changes are aimed at raising standards of competition and potentially aligning multiple organizations. In the short term, however, these changes can prove to be challenging, possibly frustrating, and may mean that some competitors need to change or re-plot their course to achieve success.

But as with any obstacle we face in life, these new rules also present an opportunity – to grow, to learn, and to persevere. One of Family Karate’s main goals is to teach life skills through karate (in fact, it is our motto!), and the competition team is no different. What better an opportunity to teach and learn about perseverance? When things seem to be getting harder, rather than easier, when obstacles catch you off guard, and when plans and goals have been set astray, what can we do? We persevere! We keep training, we keep testing ourselves, keep pushing our limits, and we seek to help and, in turn, seek help from those around us.

If there is any group of competitors suited to take up this challenge, it is the Family Karate competition team. While summer means that we sometimes take our foot off the pedal and take it a bit easier, it can also be said that there are dedicated team members who have been training as hard as ever (and that was the case this past summer). The coaches love to see this perseverance in the face of obstacles and know that by demonstrating this particular life skill will mean success for our members. Keep training hard!



Submitted by Family Karate