Mixed Martial Arts

New year, new attitude!

A busy year is in store for Olympic Karate students in 2020, as the club has re-organized its programs and is offering new opportunities for young athletes (and adults, too!).

When flying an airplane, two of the most important instruments are the Altimeter and the Attitude indicator. The altimeter tells you how high you are flying; The Attitude indicator tells you the position of the aircraft relative to the horizon – in other words, whether you are going up or down or flying level. It also shows if you are turning right or left.

I use these two instruments to talk about your daily life. If your attitude indicator shows that you are ascending (going up), then you are gaining altitude. If it shows that you are descending, you are going down. In other words, ‘Your attitude determines your altitude.’

With the new year upon us, the staff and management of Olympic Karate Academy are working hard to increase our quality of service, improve our programs, and give more value to our classes and tuition.
We will be bringing Sensei Josh Boyce (4th Dan Black Belt) back on board as a regular instructor, and with his help we will be reaching out to groups and individuals who are available to train during the daytime. We have re-organized our teaching programs for all levels – from Little Dragons (4 to 6-year-olds) to adults – and our new Black Belt Members will have special classes provided for them on a regular basis.

Master Steve has set up a YouTube program that provides extra instruction in our routines (kata) and in the applications of our self defense techniques. Professor Mike Donovan has developed instructional seminars in weapons defense, unarmed self defense and defense without striking. He has been invited to Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Philadelphia to teach these special skills.

Overall, it looks like a great new year for our organization and our students!


Submitted by Olympic Karate