More than just dance

At Dance Extreme, students learn about dance – and so much more. By incorporating the ‘Season on a Spreadsheet’ concept, the studio is looking forward to providing even more to its dancers – including skills and values that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Dance Extreme, now in its 22nd season, has learned the value of not just teaching the skills associated with learning how to dance. Over the past 21 years, Artistic Director Rebecca Brettingham-Filice and Assistant Director, Richelle Hirlehey, have recognized the importance of providing their student body with values that they will hopefully carry with them as they grow.

Following attendance at the IDEA (International Dance Entrepreneurs Association) conference, Brettingham-Filice was inspired by Terri Mangiaratti’s concept of ‘A Season on a Spreadsheet.’ Hirlehey and Brettingham developed the Dance Extreme Season with a three-fold focus. First, they selected an overarching theme for the entire studio for the month (for example, Gratitude). This theme is meant for students (and parents alike) to get involved and do their part with various planned activities. Each week hosts a different focus – from technical foci, to dress-up weeks, to food drives, to goal setting. In addition to the overarching theme, there is an element of dance tied to each week that teachers work on with their students in class, providing them with more than just a technical base, but also a theoretical one.

As both a school and dance teacher, Hirlehey recognizes the importance of “not only teaching children and youth ways to become good citizens, but to provide opportunities to grow as people – and not just in the technique or subject that you are teaching.” Brettingham-Filice has always believe that “the teaching of life skills are integral” in the running of her dance studio.

The Dance Extreme faculty recognizes the gifts that dance has given to us as dancers and teachers. And now, through our specialized ‘Season on a Spreadsheet,’ Dance Extreme too is giving more than just dance instruction to our dancers – young and old alike.


Submitted by Dance Extreme