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Monitoring progress with PULSE

9Round London is using the PULSE heart rate system to gauge workouts and ensure that members are getting the most out of their exercise efforts! The system tracks heart rate, calories burned, overall effort, and time spent in peak fat-burning zones – and then emails the results to you!

Let’s face it: we all lack motivation and accountability sometimes during our workouts. Even the most seasoned athletes have off days where they just can’t get themselves going. Luckily, 9Round’s PULSE heart rate system helps to track your progress while also ensuring that you get a killer workout every time!

How does it work? The PULSE heart rate monitor can be worn during every 9Round workout and connects through Bluetooth to the PULSE system and our big screen. This way, your real-time workout data is both tracked and sent to you through email and displayed throughout your workout – so that both you and your trainer can see how hard you’re working! If you aren’t putting in your best effort, your trainer will know to give you some extra motivation so that you can see optimal results.

9Round’s PULSE system is unique because it tracks more than just your heart rate. PULSE uses your individual, unique information to calculate your maximum heart rate, which can then be used to track calories burned, your time spent in fat-burning zones, and your overall effort. The PULSE system emails you after your workout to give you a full summary, including the amount of PULSE points earned. The PULSE points reflect time spent in peak fat-burning zones – when your workout is most effective and your heart rate isn’t too high or too low.

That being said, the PULSE system isn’t all about numbers and statistics. 9Round also holds monthly challenges using the heart rate monitors to win prizes. Nothing motivates you to get a killer workout more than the chance to win some awesome swag! Challenges also bring our 9Round family together with some friendly competition. This month, 9Round is holding a ‘Holiday Hustle’ challenge where the member with the highest attendance will win. This challenge is not only fun, but it helps to keep accountability throughout the busy holiday season when people are busy traveling and indulging.

So, what are you waiting for? The PULSE system is available for every 9Round member and is included when you sign up. It’s just another way that 9Round is making members stronger in 30 minutes – both physically and mentally! Check out PULSE and 9Round to take advantage of their deals before the end of the year.

Submitted by 9Round London