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Looking ahead to a great year

The Little Gym of London is looking ahead to a great year in 2020, which includes the launch of the Little Gym Dance Studio, a program that develops a dancer’s physical skills and also inspires their passion for the artform of dance!

As we close the book on a great year, we look forward to another promising one at The Little Gym. We are so thankful for a long list of fantastic members who bring their kids to class week after week – rain or shine. Many have brought their children to us for years, starting as babies and graduating up through the program and growing as wonderful, well-adjusted kids. We have been around long enough that some of those kids are now applying to teach for us!

We realize there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to children’s programs, so we are grateful for all those who have chosen The Little Gym. It allows us to do what we love to do each and every day. We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and we want to wish everyone the best for a new year ahead!

New program starts in February
We are excited to announce our updated Dance Program at The Little Gym: The Little Gym Dance Studio! This program has been designed to meet the needs of the developing dancer while continuing to make learning fun to build confident performers.

Up until now, The Little Gym has offered a Dance Program that has provided a strong introduction and foundation to dance with a coupling of gymnastics (and this program will continue to be offered for the younger ages). Now, just as we offer a 1-hour non-competitive gymnastics experience, we’ve further enhanced our dance program by creating a 1-hour class non-competitive program structure that inspires children to continually grow their dance skills, connect the mind and the body through dance education, and to love themselves and their bodies just as they are!

With increased performance opportunities, and a focus on dance as an art form, The Little Gym Dance Studio curriculum is intentionally designed to not only develop the dancer’s physical skills, but also to inspire a passion for the artform – while creating a safe environment to express themselves.

We look forward to seeing many of you back in the first few months of the new year. We enroll continuously throughout the season in classes that still have space on a prorated fee basis. The Little Gym is located in Sherwood Forest Mall in London, Ontario. We can be reached at 519-642-0660, or online at

Submitted by The Little Gym of London