Keeping kids in the game

NorWest Soccer is focused on fun. A new shift in philosophy (including putting into place the Coach Education Plan and Long Term Player Development program) is keeping kids in the game and loving NorWest Soccer!

Many thanks to all the volunteers that came out again this year to support NorWest Soccer! We know your lawns go un-kept, your holidays are often delayed, and you borrow time from work and your families in order to gift players with soccer. We appreciate your choices and commitment to the kids! THANK YOU for helping the community soccer cycle continue!

Gone are the days of military-styled ‘drills’ for NorWest Soccer! Why? Because: “If it’s not fun, they quit” (reportedly, 70% of youth Canadian players quit soccer by the age of 14). This is the motivating philosophy behind both the Coach Education Plan and Long Term Player Development program introduced at NorWest Soccer.

Whether you call them drills or activities may seem like semantics, but it’s this new era shift in soccer thinking that NorWest promotes year-round. We run our indoor program with the same kid-friendly perspective because our nationally and provincially certified coaches and their youth mentees know that guided development and game realistic activities are important aspects of soccer skill development.

“That you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar is not news. Using this idea to teach kids to love to run with the ball is new to some,” said Club Administrator Jennifer Jaquith. “If they love the ball and make good friends with it, and if no one squashes that passion, they will play soccer for life!”

NW’s indoor program will be Saturday afternoons at the BMO Centre, utilizing Ontario Soccer’s Preferred Training Method and focusing on having fun while developing skills using small-sided games and soccer-based activities.


By Liz Litchfield