Mixed Martial Arts

(Karate) School is back in session!

At Olympic Karate, youngsters receive instruction from professional staff, who target three primary goals while training in karate: help kids to FOCUS, gain CONFIDENCE, and improve their FITNESS.

Summer is over, the vacations have finished, and trips to see family and friends have ended. BUT that means Olympic Karate has ramped up and has welcomed the return of its students to the dojo – as well as the arrival of new families this fall!

Our program is designed to help active children to FOCUS; shy children to gain CONFIDENCE; and inactive children to improve their FITNESS.

The Summer/Fall schedule is an open schedule with classes for each group Monday thru Thursday and Saturday. Our Little Dragons (ages 4 to 6) program has two classes per day so that our families are able to fit classes into their family work and activities.

All new students at Olympic Karate start with a free trial class to see if they like our classes (and parents are able to attend the classes and have their questions answered by our professional staff).

This year, we have a ‘BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL.’ It includes two weeks of training – plus a uniform – for only $19.99. Visit us online at www.olympickarate.on.ca to learn more!


Submitted by Olympic Karate