It’s all about teamwork

[templatic_contentbox type=”normal” title=”LAC Curinga of the EMDSL (Under 15 Girls) took in a game at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton this summer between the Canadian Women’s National Team and Germany”] Back row (left to right): Mandy Baresic, Hailee Summerhill, Gillian Paris, Amber Soares, Bethany Paiva, Olivia de Freitas, Kayla Mayer, Braelyn Allenby, Mahshed Hamid, Niki Michita, Emily Scott Front row: Hailey Barnes, Alyssa Weaver, Sarah Harvey, Emileigh Newcombe, Rachel Spears Missing: Brianna Laureano and Zoe Johnston [/templatic_contentbox]


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It’s all about teamwork for LAC Curinga, the Under 15 Girls soccer team that plays in the EMDSL (Tier 2 division). Representing the London Athletic Canadian Futbol Club, the girls support each other – both on and off the pitch – to help make each other better. And, of course, they have a lot of fun in the process.

Head coach Miguel Paiva has been at the helm of the group for the last two seasons, and some of the LAC Curinga girls played for him when he coached house league before that. His goals for the team are focused on development, effort, and respect.

In other words, Paiva says, “Have fun and learn from your mistakes to progress and build meaningful relationships. And play as hard as you can and respect not only yourself and your teammates, but also your opponents.”

The girls placed third in the indoor season, and they’ve been busy this summer competing in the EMDSL (their home field is the Curinga Club at 17 Clarke Road in London.

“These girls like to have fun,” says Paiva, who has been coaching the sport for seven years and continues to play himself at the Masters level. “They support each other and play as a team.”

One of the highlights off the pitch this summer came in June, when the team traveled to Hamilton to watch the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team take on Germany at Tim Horton’s Field.

Contributions by Miguel Paiva