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Is online the way to go?

If you are like most, you started the COVID-19 quarantine full of hopes of using the time to get in shape; referring to Google, Instagram, or Pinterest to help you navigate all of the free bodyweight training programs developed by almost every trainer and coach on the planet.

Your newfound energy for training, which lasted a few weeks, may have been met with the same old thing … high-intensity workouts without any real substance or purpose. Random exercises thrown together with ridiculously high repetitions, little to no consideration of rest, and zero quality control.

RPG Training Systems has approached the self-isolation with solutions to many athlete problems. Our Virtual High-Performance Training program began as a way to support our volleyball athletes with programming, support, and connections to top OUA coaches. But RPG has since expanded the online offering to athletes from all sports – including soccer, baseball, football, and track & field, to name a few. With one-on-one coaching, at-home training equipment options, and online programming with video support, the RPG Virtual High-Performance Training program is certain to improve performance in preparation for fall and winter sports competitions.

For information and to book a free consultation, visit www.rpgtrainingsystems.com.

Is online better? Not always. As restrictions continue to be lifted, we are also offering one-on-one and small group coaching to athletes in London and St. Thomas. Get in touch for more information!


Submitted by Coach Rory, owner of RPG Training Systems