How are your soccer legs?

(Left to right) Front row: Miguel Achtymichuk, Anthony Zarola, Scott Burgess, Kristy Beck, Stephanie Fung. Second row: Andrew Ven Meer, Ian Griffin, Sean Coombes, Lenore Attridge, Erika Hill, Tiffany Carter, Isabelle Aubé-Peterkin and Monika Daigle.

You probably train your legs and feet to be strong and agile by using weights, stretching and performing drills. Maybe you’ve sprained an ankle once or twice; maybe you’ve had a knee injury or hamstring tear; and maybe you’ve been to physiotherapy. But have you had someone really assess whether you are using your feet and legs to their best biomechanical advantage?

Our feet are designed to give us the lift and spring to propel us forward. But a large percentage of my clients are not using their feet properly. With a few easy tweaks, I can show you how to get a greater advantage in your game and reduce your possibility of injury.

A couple of testimonials …

“I was glad to connect with Gwen because I was looking for someone to help me with a chronic hamstring injury that I got playing soccer. Every year I played I would have to take time off because of the injury. Structural integration helped with my posture and gait – and helped minimize time off from my sport.” – Dr. Katelyn Butler-Birmingham, BSc, ND (www.naturopathicallyfit.com)

“I first came to see Gwen for pain in my knee. I’d done physiotherapy, which helped, but it wasn’t fully back to its usual self. I went in for a regular massage session with Gwen, and she suggested the 10 sessions of Structural Integration and explained how the pain in my knee could be related to some other underlying issues and that my whole body would benefit from it. I wasn’t prepared for the transformation! I am able to play soccer without my bunions hurting and without getting huge blisters. I have a better posture, and my upper back pain caused from working at a desk all day is gone. Best of all, the pain in my knee is now non-existent and hasn’t reappeared! Thanks Gwen!” – Monika Daigle

We are open for business – with many COVID-19 precautions in place. Firstly, if you feel you’re not ready to venture out, we can do an online consult to see if there are things you can do at home. When you come to the clinic, you will need to fill out a COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire a day or two before your appointment.

We will disinfect all contact surfaces in the clinic and in the hallway before your appointment. You will be required to come in a with a clean mask on, and I will be wearing one as well. The sheets are always freshly laundered. You should arrive five minutes before your appointment and wash your hands as you enter. I will email your receipt and any exercises after your appointment. I hope to see you soon!


By Gwen MacLean

Gwen MacLean (RMT, CSI) for Living Balance Clinic
551 Knights Hill Road, Unit 2 London Ontario