Growing girls’ games

Chloe Jonsson who plays in the London Devilettes’ hockey program, trains at Snipe Academy as she looks to take their games to the next level

After playing one year of Tyke hockey, Chloe Jonsson played up a year in her Minor Novice season in boys’ hockey. She met some female players she really liked, and so she decided to then move over to the London Devilettes program for her Major Novice season. Now a Minor Bantam player, she’s currently playing this year for the Devilettes’ Bantam A Dodgson team.

Meanwhile, Chloe has also been training at Snipe Academy, where she works hard with the facility’s coaches to further develop her skills and improve as an all-around player. Specifically, she’s been learning from Cassidy Martin and Kalley Armstrong, who have helped her in a number of areas.

“I’ve developed better wrist and slot shots, and I have also learned how to do snap shots,” says Chloe, adding that her stickhandling has also improved. “I shoot a lot better. Cass and Kalley tell me to keep my head up when I shoot, and that has really helped. I have scored a lot of goals so far this year.”

Her improved skills have allowed Chloe to have more individual success on the ice, and also help her Devilettes’ team improve as a unit. Training at Snipe, Chloe says, has been very enjoyable, and she’s developed friendships along the way.

“I really like my Snipe coaches because they teach me hockey in fun ways,” Chloe says. “Kalley and Cass are easy to talk to, and they really encourage me to be my best.”


Madison Chantler

She’s been playing hockey since age 4, and Madison Chantler has been a London Devilette – at the competitive level – since Novice. This season, the talented youngster is playing Bantam AA – and AP for the Devilettes’ Junior team. She was also selected last summer to play in the 2018 Ontario Summer Games, which was hosted in London, and she earned a spot at the 2018 ‘Fuelling Future Athletes’ invitational hockey camp, which was sponsored by Gatorade and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Madison also trains at Snipe Academy in town, where she works on improving various aspects of her game. The youngster says she’s been working with coaches there on her stickhandling and puck skills, as well as shooting. And she has experienced significant gains.

“I’m becoming more confident with the puck and with my shot,” Madison says, adding that her training at Snipe has helped her to be more confident in general on the ice. “I’ve developed a quicker, harder and more accurate shot, and I’m becoming a better hockey player overall.”

Working with the staff at Snipe Academy has been enjoyable for Madison, and she finds that it’s a great facility where she can work on specific areas of her game – including the little things that can make a big difference.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to work on my shooting and puck skills in ways that I don’t work on them at practice,” says Madison. “I really enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere [at Snipe]. They have great instructors who are very knowledgeable.”

Contributions by Chloe Jonsson and Madison Chantler