Gridiron not just for boys

The atom Hammers and coach Yvonne Huston won the Best Sportsmanship award (as voted on by the London Football Officials Association).

While boys still make up the majority of the players in the London Minor Football Association (LMFA), more and more girls have joined up and more women are getting involved in coaching and managing as well. The LMFA is open to all girls and boys aged 7 to 13 in London and surrounding area, and we are actively encouraging girls to sign up this season.

Setting a great example for the girls are Yvonne Huston and Kris Allison. After helping out for a couple of years, Yvonne stepped up as head coach of the atom Hammers in 2015 and the team won the Best Sportsmanship award as voted on by the London Football Officials Association. Kris Allison was recognized by the City of London this year for her volunteer work as LMFA’s vice president and her 10 years of behind the scenes hard work.

Football at the youth level is perfect for both boys and girls. Players can keep active, must work together as a team to be successful, and learn all about sportsmanship. Many studies have shown that playing multiple sports as a young athlete is beneficial later in an individual’s athletic career. Twenty-eight of the 31 picks in the first round of this year’s NFL draft were multi-sport athletes in high school.

You can register for the fall 2016 season online or in person. Check the website for dates and times. The season’s registration fee of $275 includes the rental of all football equipment, a jersey to keep, as well as a team picture.

For more information on registration and the 2016 LMFA season, please visit or call 519-852-4465.

Story and photos submitted by London Minor Football Association