GET FIT is a hit!

At the Horton Street Seniors’ Centre (within the Boys & Girls Club), the GET FIT aerobics class is a popular activity among seniors, as it combines strength and conditioning with balance exercises.

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How successful has GET FIT Aerobics been at the Boys & Girls Club and the Horton Street Seniors’ Centre? Well, it’s been running for more than 30 years! The program is definitely doing something right, and it continues to be a favourite among members.

What does it look like today? For starters, it’s run by fitness coordinator Emily Bright, who has been leading workouts at the Centre for the last three years. She brings a lot of energy to the classes, which offer a good combination of strength and conditioning, balance, fitness and aerobics. Music also helps, and participants quickly become energized themselves.

GET FIT Aerobics is a group exercise, and it builds a strong sense of community for the participants in the class. In addition, the group dynamic takes the ‘guesswork’ out of fitness that inevitably arises when exercising on one’s own. With the instructor leading the class, participants can simply follow and guarantee themselves a good workout.

The most popular activity at the Horton Street Seniors’ Centre, GET FIT runs four times per week – each workout consisting of a 45-minute aerobic and strengthening group exercise class. In other words, GET FIT is a hit!

What is the Horton Street Seniors’ Centre (HSSC)? It operates out of the Boys & Girls (BGC) of London and serves adults aged 55 years and up, offering fun and engaging activities and events for Londoners. Popular new social groups include yoga, zumba, tap dancing, music, drama, darts and chair hockey, among others.

The Centre has around 300 members (with an ‘extended family’ of more than 1,400 members). The facility is open during weekdays, and activities are scheduled between 7am and 3pm. Perhaps the best part about the HSSC? It’s affordable. Membership is based on income (and starts as low as $75 per year). A parking pass costs $40 per calendar year. Meanwhile, a visitor’s fee is $3 per day (including parking), which allows access to activity programs and afternoon open swim. And an activity pass is $35 per year, which allows access to one regular program per week (pool programs and fitness room not included).

By SportsXpress Team