Game On!

The seemingly eternal wait to get back to the Power Cheer Gym after the COVID-19 shutdown is over. Granted, we do have a number of new protocols in place, and our ‘normal’ tryouts, try-its and athlete assessments for team assignments has been altered slightly … but, for the most part, it is Game On!

The first order of business for both returning cheer athletes, as well as new interested kids aged 4 through 18, is to connect with the gym via email, Facebook, Instagram, or phone. Arrange a time to come by to meet the staff and, most importantly, to get started. The early part of July will focus on getting everyone back into it – and for new cheer athletes to learn the fundamentals.

The gym offers both individual and group cheer-tumbling and preparatory skill classes (on the website, click the ‘Register Here’ link). If you are not available for part of the summer, or if you think you are possibly late to the party, don’t worry! We will be accepting new team members and building the squads for all age groups throughout the summer and into September. In other words, it is never too late to join. As the COVID restrictions are removed and lessened, we will re-engage full team skills and routine work and assemble the various teams and skill levels.

Big news over the past few months was the inclusion of Cheerleading (gyms, specifically) under the wing of the Ontario Ministry of Sport, Heritage and Culture as a recognized sport. That Cheer had previously been picked up by the International Olympic Committee under provisional Olympic status certainly helped, but we are all appreciative that Sport Ontario has followed suit.

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Submitted by Power Cheer Gym