Fun the focus for tourneys

So, kids need even more hockey in their lives, right? Well, regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, you won’t find 3on3Tourneys there. You will find them, however, in an arena putting together a reliable tournament-style day that recreates a time when kids could play just for fun.

“Back in the day,” Canadian kids could be found after school, or on days off from school, playing road hockey with friends, neighbours, family, and other kids they didn’t yet know. Teams were random, and everyone played together – just for fun. Kids tried new moves they learned in practice or saw on Hockey Night in Canada. If they got it, great! If they didn’t, they’d try it again and again. Perhaps without even realizing it, they learned skills of the game, how to be creative and how to work with others, because they were having fun.

3on3Tourneys provides that kind of environment for minor hockey players of all ages, including those at the TYKE/IP age, boys and girls, and at all levels of ability. And they do it on days parents need it most: PD Days and most STAT holidays.

Every month, a 3on3tourney can be found taking place at an arena in London. Teams enter with a roster, usually made up of current teammates, friends, family, and/or neighbours, and they play other teams matched up within their division. It’s here that kids can try their lessons learned at practice – or the Ovechkin, Crosby, McDavid, or Marner moves.

Certified referees officiate all games, adhering to their no-body-contact policy. After round-robin play, teams are seeded and the day wraps up with a championship/consolation game and medals presented to all. Many kids participate regularly; others, when it’s convenient. It’s the road hockey feeling of fun and freedom combined with the structure of a schedule, a safe venue, and a few guidelines to promote the safety of all kids involved.

The 3-on-3 style of hockey is fun to watch and fun to play – just ask any NHL player going into overtime.  By participating, you’ll quickly see that 3on3Tourneys isn’t trying to add more hockey to your kids’ life. They are, however, trying to add more FUN hockey to it.

Visit their website,, for additional information on upcoming events.


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