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Fueling the young ‘Stangs

Spartan Nutrition has more than two decades of experience helping thousands of clients in London and surrounding area achieve their health, fitness and athletic goals. And they’ve partnered with top-notch organizations in the city, including the London Knights and London Lightning. Now, they’re happy to announce a partnership with the London Junior Mustangs football program, as the company has joined as a Gold sponsor for the upcoming season.

“The times have really changed from back in the day when it was often McDonalds pregame …” said Derek Henderson, Director of Sponsorship & Fundraising for the Junior Mustangs. “It makes a lot of sense for us to partner with an organization like Spartan Nutrition as we try to prepare our athletes for competition this summer as well as their future goals. The focus is on good nutrition and proper protein.”

Spartan Nutrition, which is owned and operated by Aaron Brady, has five locations in London and employs more than 20 knowledgeable staff members. Brady is passionate about helping Londoners achieve their goals, and he’s excited to partner with an upstart organization like the Junior Mustangs, providing the players with their nutrition and supplement needs.

“It’s all about helping these young athletes adopt a good diet and proper supplementation, which will improve their endurance, energy, and recovery, while also building strength and power that they can use on the field,” said Brady, who played varsity football back in his days at Queen’s University and has 25 years of weight training experience under his belt. “I’m happy to provide my expertise to the Junior Mustangs to help the players be the best that they can be.”

The more than 300 players in the Junior Mustangs program are encouraged to visit any of Spartan Nutrition’s five locations throughout the city, and Spartan Nutrition will be in attendance at the team’s home games. No longer do players show up to practice or games on an empty stomach, and the Junior Mustangs are hoping to tap into Brady’s knoweldge – and high-quality products – to fuel their players to success.

“It’s a partnership that works really well, particularly with the expertise that Aaron brings to the table,” said Henderson. “This will lead to our players being in better shape and less prone to injuries. And it will no doubt improve performance on the field, contributing to success on the field for the Junior Mustangs organization.”

Contributions by Derek Henderson and Aaron Brady