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A look at some Jazzercisers participating in the MS Bike event, from Grand Bend to London

Love to ride a bicycle? Or maybe you enjoy skiing (on the water and/or the snow)? Perhaps it’s golf? Do you run? Prefer to walk? Maybe you just want/need the cardiovascular and upper body strength to keep up with your children and/or grandchildren, regardless of their size and age?

Well, not only will you have a blast at Jazzercise – we incorporate elements of jazz dance, pilates, yoga, kickboxing and more, all while working out to the latest music by artists like Meghan Trainor, John Mayer and Bruno Mars – you’ll also discover that attending classes regularly gives you that oomph that you’re looking for to fully embrace all that life has to offer.

No more sitting on the sidelines watching while everyone else has all the fun. No more worrying about whether your body can handle the exertion.

Come and try a class today!

Submitted by Jazzercise London